Integrating Agile Scrum into the Waterfall Process
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The hybridization of Scrum with other software development methodologies is common as Scrum does not cover the whole product development lifecycle; therefore, organizations find the need to add in additional processes to create a more comprehensive implementation. - Wikipedia.
  1. Is your organization moving to Scrum? Are you new to project management and your developers use Scrum? Have you moved to Scrum but you find something lacking? - Then this book is for you.

  2. Integrating Agile Scrum into the Waterfall Process provides a step-by-step implementation. This book can be used to learn what is expected in each product development phase, what documents are to be created, team member's responsibilities, along with practical, real world, suggestions, and hints to better manage people and process. Now your continually released products can come out on time, on budget, and with the features customers want.
  3. Changes need to be made to an existing Waterfall process when organizations incorporate Scrum and move their project development from a sequential environment to an iterative one. By realigning Waterfall to flow into and support the Scrum framework, continuously released products can be effectively and efficiently managed.
  4. Waterfall and Scrum frameworks are complementary. Waterfall provides an excellent model for managing a product through its life cycle. Waterfall does not identify best practices for managing the development process;-Scrum does.
  1. Integrating Agile Scrum into the Waterfall Process has been designed for a Project Manager, a Product Owner, a ScrumMaster, or anyone else involved with Product Lifecycle Management.
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