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When executed well, e-Learning is a powerful way for organizations to save money while providing the up-to-date training and information that will help employees perform better and more efficiently. e-Learning 2.0 presents the latest trends in technology and instructional design for creating training on the web. Using real world case studies and examples this book provides the reader with the information they need to navigate new technologies and trends so that they can be better prepared to produce effective e-Learning courses.

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  1. Anita Rosen has worked with a number of companies assisting them to integrate content business goals and objectives into a successful Internet strategy.
    1. In e-Learning 2.0, she explains what works and what doesn't, offering businesses a best-practices guide for making their investment pay off.
    2. This book covers the subjects most crucial for your company's well-being, such as how to get a bigger bang from your e-Learning dollar, how to properly integrate new technologies into your existing initiative, how to evaluate what you are currently doing, and provide leadership and direction for future projects.
  2. Using examples of successful companies like National SemiConductor, Telefonica, and the Texas Department of Transportation, which have made the most of e-Learning, Rosen shows companies how to:
    1. Define an e-Learning strategy
    2. Identify the best technologies and processes to effectively implement an e-Learning strategy
    3. Manage large, complicated, or new e-Learning initiatives
    4. Get buy-in from trainers, managers and learners
    5. Measure and evaluate training
    6. Calculate an ROI
  3. What you will walk away with:
    1. An understanding of elearning technologies and trends
    1. An understanding of the technology you will need to create an e-Learning 2.0 initiative
    1. Realistic use of e-Learning to meet your business objectives
    1. Creation of an e-Learning business plan that meets your company's goals
    1. Turning the concept into a clearly articulated direction
    1. Identifying and managing the people and technology involved in creating e-Learning
    1. Ideas to work with stakeholders and SME's
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