Effective IT Project Management
IT organizations have pressure to implement and execute a continuing assortment of technical infrastructure projects. By following the simple processes outlined in the book businesses will get their projects completed on time and on budget.

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  1. This book provides an organization with logical, practical advice on:
    1. Figuring out the scope of a project
    2. Evaluating the different possible solutions
    3. Managing the implementation team and process
  2. Features and Benefits of this book are:
    1. Feature: Breaks the process into easily managed pieces
      Benefit: Employees are not overwhelmed by the process, makes the process easier to manage
    2. Feature: Management has guidelines of how to facilitate the process
      Benefit: Management can focus their time and efforts for maximum impact
    3. Feature: Provides time tested procedures
      Benefit: People new to the process can get up, running and effective fast.
    4. Feature: Provides ways to "snap shot" the process
      Benefit: Gives management measurable tools to make informed decisions on a products development
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