E-Commerce Question & Answer Book
Anyone wondering how to redefine and refocus their web site so that it performs effectively will benefit from reading this book.

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  1. Book's purpose:
    1. How companies can benefit by better integrating their web site into their business
    2. How to choose solutions that are right for your company
    3. Understanding the technology behind e-commerce
    4. How to effectively implement and manage your web site
  2. What you will walk away with:
    1. An understanding of E-commerce
    2. An understanding of the technology you will need to create an E-commerce service
    3. Realistic use of E-commerce to meet your business objectives
    4. Creation of an E-commerce business plan that meets your company's goals
    5. Turning the concept into a clearly articulated direction
    6. Identifying and managing the people and technology involved in creating a site
    7. Marketing your service
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