Waterfall + Scrum Training
Are you looking for strategies, skills, and best use practices to manage products within their life cycle?
  1. What you will get:
    1. Strategic and tactical training on product life cycle and Scrum development practices.
    2. Better manage the process -- learn how to stop fighting fires! Fires take a lot of time and a lot of energy - our fail-safe solution trains Project Teams and Scrum Teams how to anticipate problems and work more effectively.
    3. Anticipate problems before they occur.
  2. What you learn:
    1. A step-by-step process that includes hand offs, and requirements.
      1. Breaking the project life cycle into distinct phases
      2. Understanding the deliverables within each phase of the life cycle
    2. Understanding and successfully managing a project team
    3. Creating standard phase deliverables
    4. Seamless handoff's and clear communication between Project Teams and Scrum Teams
  3. What a student walks away with:
    1. Understanding the phases found within the product life cycle and how to break existing projects into manageable phases.
    1. The deliverables created within each phase of the process. When, how, and why these deliverables will help your project.
    1. Avoiding fire drills and project explosions.
    1. How to successfully manage an iterative process.
  1. Skills
    1. How to align project goals with corporate goals
    1. How to identify at risk projects. Learn effective techniques for getting projects back on schedule.
    1. Find out how to build an effective functional team.
    1. How to create an integrated schedule that is completely accurate
    1. How to effectively work with Scrum teams
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