e-Learning Project Management
Trainers need to do more than teach. They need buy in from other organizations, budgets from management, and they need to organize e-Learning projects so that they are delivered on time and on budget. This seminar provides trainers with successful strategies for getting buy-in along with methodologies for organizing and managing their e-Learning projects.

"The course was well-paced. The examples used to illustrate points were excellent. The instructor was always engaging and provided great feedback and availability for follow-up. My number one take-away and what I am immediately implementing is the integrated schedule process."

David Roy, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
  1. Through lecture and interactive exercises attendees learn successful strategies to get cross organization buy-in, identify the right process for their projects, and organize and manage their projects.
  1. In this session trainers will learn how to:

    1. Present the benefits of instructional design for cross organizational buy-in
    1. Plan e-Learning initiatives to access the widest possible market
    1. Identify the type of projects your group is developing and the right strategies for implementing these projects.
    1. Know when and how to manage outsourcing of e-Learning development
    1. Tips and techniques for managing e-Learning development process
  1. Issues addressed in this session include:
    1. How to get your company behind your e-Learning projects
      1. SME's
      1. Managers
      1. The benefits of instructional design
    1. Creating processes
      1. Doing away with bottle necks in development
      1. Optimizing existing processes
      1. Establish process wide goals
      1. Revisiting the component steps to achieve end to end efficiency
    1. Creating effective web courses
      1. Identifying the type of courses you are producing - use this identification to determine level of production and appropriate technology
      1. Characteristics of good e-Learning courses - understand these characteristics to create effective e-Learning courses
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